US 70

Bylas Historical Marker
Historical markers are everywhere along state highways, and these two along US 70 are a good example of just how much history you can find while driving.
TBT Mule grading
Here's a photo that reminds us why we are happy working in these mechanized times.
Milepost markers 314 and 326 on US 70
We may not have solved this mystery, but we have a pretty good guess as to why numbers on mile markers jump suddenly between Bylas and Safford.
Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon
An ADOT project has made crossing US 70 safer for those living in the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation community of Bylas.
US 70 Project Area
A $9 million ADOT project is making some big changes for the better on US 70 in Bylas, including raised medians, pedestrian walkways, a pedestrian hybrid beacon and drainage work.
Globe public meeting attendees
A 1971 public meeting in Globe to discuss a new route for US 60/70 is one example of ADOT's commitment to public comments on its projects.
Demolition of old Gila River Bridge on US 70
After 56 years, it’s time for the old Gila River Bridge to retire … Located on US 70 about a mile west of the Bylas community on the San Carlos Apache reservation, the bridge, which was built in 1957, is now being demolished ...


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