Mountain near US-89 Detour
Even though there’s a stretch of US 89 that’s not open, the businesses and communities surrounding the closure most definitely are ...
Map of proposed Route 20
We’ve got some good news for drivers whose commutes have been impacted by the US 89 landslide ...
ADOT worker standing next to road damage from the landslide
It would be an understatement to say that we’ve experienced a bit of a surge in our social media audience of late. Those of us who have spent the last few years working to build ADOT’s online network would love to believe that our spontaneous increase in viewers, followers and readers is due solely to our engaging content and commitment to transparency…
ADOT workers clearing and repairing broken road from a landslide
After seeing the photos and video of US 89, it’s obvious that a lot of engineering brainpower will be needed to determine the cause of the landslide and what the possible long- and short-term options might be. Seeing the magnitude of the damage might also make you wonder about costs ...
An inclinometer measures slope inclination.
When engineers suspect a slope or embankment might be moving, they can use an inclinometer to see if their hunch is correct …
Map of US-89 project area south Page
By now, many of you have probably already seen photos of US 89 … A 150-foot section of the road “buckled” yesterday morning (Feb. 20) in an area about 25 miles south of Page – the cause of the highway damage may have been a geologic event ...


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