Transportation Defined

Large paving vehicle apply tack coat to roadway.
For chip seal work, like what our crews just completed on State Route 88, a tack coat is the glue that holds it all together.
Pier Caps
When motorists enjoy a wider I-10 in Casa Grande beginning next year, it'll be thanks in part to piers and pier caps supporting an expanded bridge at Jimmie Kerr Boulevard.
Example of rustication
Rustication and graphic elements are used to help create visual interest and a sense of place.
Bailey Bridge
If you’ve driven recently on the Loop 202 Red Mountain Freeway, you might recognize the structure pictured in today's post.
Minibench plan drawing.
Dirt has been a pretty popular topic for us. Today, we want to explain why we bench it. More specifically, why we minibench it.
Asphalt sample
When someone hears the word “asphalt,” they might picture the road that they drive on, but asphalt is actually one component of that surface.
Deadman Anchor
While their name might sound somewhat morbid, Deadman Anchors are actually nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they’re very handy on a project site.
Workers using hydrodemolition
We have a couple of new terms for you today and they both have to do with concrete.
Chevelon Creek Bridge
Crews recently removed lead paint from the 100-year-old Chevelon Creek Bridge near Winslow.
You know that there are layers of dirt and rock lie beneath the surface you drive on, but would you guess that some roads are built on top of a special material (in addition to all the dirt and rocks)?


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