National Engineers Week celebrates contributions

National Engineers Week celebrates contributions

February 19, 2013
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Ever think about where we’d be without engineers?

We know we certainly wouldn’t have most of the “stuff” that surrounds us in our everyday lives, or, if we did, it probably wouldn’t operate the way it does now.

That’s because engineers are the ones who design, create and make things work. They also play a really crucial role here at ADOT…

Seeing that it’s National Engineers Week (more on that in a minute), we thought we’d concentrate all week on the important work that our engineers accomplish every day to help the state’s transportation system function efficiently.

To kick things off, take a look back with us at these engineering-focused blog posts from the past:

More on National Engineers Week
According to the week’s official site, National Engineers Week “celebrates the positive contributions engineers make to society and is a catalyst for outreach across the country to kids and adults alike.” The theme this year, by the way, is “Celebrate Awesome!”

Learn more about the week and see how it is being celebrated across the U.S.

And, stay tuned to the blog! We’ll have more engineering themed posts heading your way this week.