By now, we all know the song and lyrics from the famous Eagles song. “Well, I'm standin' on the corner in…” Good job, I can hear you humming and singing the rest of the song. You sound great! Now “Take it Easy” and read on for some fun...
Arizona leads the way when it comes to digital identification. It is the first state to offer four digital ID options.
In 1939, every license plate issued by the Arizona Highway Department recognized Fray Marcos de Niza. That year, celebrations throughout Arizona marked the 400th anniversary of an expedition that made Fray Marcos the first European known to have reached this area.
Will the work on the Loop 101 Improvement Project in north Scottsdale impact access to events like car shows and the WM Phoenix Open golf tournament? A lot of thought has gone into keeping the freeway project from being an issue for event visitors.
We were recently asked, "Why can't you finish one project before beginning another? There's construction everywhere!" That short, understandable question requires a bit of a long answer.
It’s been almost 50 years since ADOT’s Motor Vehicle Division began offering personalized license plates, giving drivers an opportunity to express themselves on their cars with just a few characters. The program began in 1975 and gained...
ADOT's State Engineer and Deputy Director for Transportation, Greg Byres, chats about projects starting or continuing this year in northern, southern and central Arizona.
Back for another year, we’re asking for your help in naming a few of the 200 snowplows we have in our fleet. And so far, y’all have answered the call. Since launching the contest two days ago, we’ve received just over 1,700 entries. We’re...
News that a $4 million ADOT project will restore limited access to 5 miles of State Route 88 inspires a trip down memory lane.
Cars damaged by floodwaters are sometime shipped to other states where unscrupulous individuals may try to sell them. We've compiled some tips for avoiding a car that can't pass the smell test.
Have you ever wondered what past Arizona driver licenses looked like? You may even have a few iterations of them yourself. Today, we’re taking a look at how the design of Arizona’s driver licenses have evolved throughout the years. In the...
Several concrete bridge girders have been placed throughout the I-10 Broadway Curve Improvement Project and by the project’s end, dozens of these girders will have been placed within the project area.
Come read the tale of Pixie the potbelly pig. Discovered on a property for the planned State Route 30 in Avondale, Pixie eluded capture for several weeks.
Everyone is familiar with Valentine’s Day conversation hearts, but an ADOT employee’s recipe from 45 years ago offers a gingerbread twist on the holiday sweets. In the February 1979 edition of the ADOT employee newsletter “Newsbeat,” Sherri...
If you're the parent of a teen, you might be wondering about how to handle the vaunted learner’s permit test. We've got answers.
The Green Valley Litter Patrol has filled more than 5,000 bags of litter since 2008.
Driving support to your favorite non-profit organization is easier than ever with more than 100 specialty license plates available through ADOT's Motor Vehicle Division.
Leaving travel-lane reducing work zones in place even when crews are not present protects workers and the traveling public.
More than 100 volunteers turned out for the ninth annual “All the Way to the Border” highway cleanup on Saturday, Jan 27. All 45 miles of State Route 286 are adopted by residents, businesses and organizations between Three Points junction at State Route 86 and Sasabe at the Arizona-Mexico border.
Highway shoulders aren't a playground. When seeking snow, go to designated snow play locations.