Roadside Vegetation Management Guidelines

Roadside Vegetation Management Guidelines

These guidelines provide an overview of best practices for roadside vegetation management activities for staff across the state. Each guideline contains information on the purpose of the activity, planning the activity, coordination within ADOT and with external agencies ahead of undertaking the work, and best practices for the work.  

Roadside Vegetation Management Guidelines Cover


Appendix A: Recovery Area

Appendix A and the Recovery Zone Poster illustrate the recovery zone and sightlines and how the recovery zone size varies with design speed.

Appendix B: Roadway Prism

Appendix B defines the roadway prism, which is an important concept for environmental compliance and maintenance work orders.

Appendix C: Vegetation Management Biozone Posters

Appendix C and the Vegetation Management Biozone Posters show and explain the different vegetation types across the state (and by district) which require different vegetation management techniques.

Appendix D: Land Ownership Posters