Four+ Lanes with Raised Median, Vehicle AADT < 9,000 | Posted Speed Limit 40-45 MPH

Safety Issues Addressed

Field Review Form (printable)

Safety Issues Addressed / Four+ Lanes with Raised Median / Vehicle AADT < 9,000 | Posted Speed Limit 40-45 MPH
Countermeasure SAFETY ISSUE
Conflicts at Crossing Locations Excessive Vehicle Speed Inadequate Consipcuity/Visibility Drivers not Yielding to Pedestrians Insufficient Separation from Traffic
Crosswalk Visibility Enhancement * Also   Also Also  
Raised Crosswalk          
Advance Yield Always   Always Always Always
In-Street Pedestrian Sign          
Curb Extension Also Also Also   Also
Pedestrian Refuge Island          
Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacon (RRFB)          
Road Diet Also Also Also   Also
Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) Always Always Always Always  


Green = Signifies that the countermeasure should always be considered, but not mandated or required, based upon engineering judgment at a marked uncontrolled crossing location.

Yellow = Signifies that the countermeasure is also a candidate treatment at a marked uncontrolled crossing location.

* = Crosswalk visibility enhancements should always occur when any other countermeasure is implemented.