Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Monitoring

The Traffic Monitoring Group is responsible for the collection, analysis, and reporting of vehicular traffic data on State Highway System routes.  Traffic monitoring activities are mandated by federal law (23 CFR Part 500 Subpart B) and are essential functions of ADOT.

The types of traffic data collected and reported include vehicle volumes, speeds, classifications, and weights.  This work is performed through the operation of a statewide network of permanent Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATR’s) and manual collections of several hundred short-term data collection sites.  The day-to-day field work of traffic data collection is a significant component of a traffic monitoring program.

Data collected must also run through a series of qualitative analytical checks and reviews before being released.  Afterwards, the Traffic Monitoring Group distributes and publishes traffic data to satisfy the business needs of other ADOT groups, including Roadway Design, Materials, and Motor Carrier Enforcement.  Externally, traffic statistics are provided monthly and annually to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through its Traffic Management and Analysis System (TMAS) and Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS).  The Traffic Monitoring Section also collaborates with local government agencies in developing or enhancing their traffic counting programs, with the intent to ensure compliance with federal highway data reporting mandates.

ADOT requires that all collected traffic data counts be shared through the ADOT Traffic Count Database System (TCDS) Module. Anyone looking to acquire the data should visit ADOT’s Traffic Data Management System (TDMS).

Average Annual Daily Traffic Reports

Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) is the total volume of vehicle traffic of a highway or road for a year divided by 365 days and represents traffic on a typical day of the year. The following section includes reports in PDF and Excel format for past AADTs for Interstates, US Routes, and State Highways.  For an explanation of column header and code values for these reports, refer to the Traffic Monitoring Section Data Dictionary.

Archived Average Annual Daily Traffic Reports