Product Evaluation Program

Product Evaluation Program

Approved Products List

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), through its Product Evaluation Program, maintains the Approved Product List (APL). The list documents products that have been evaluated under ADOT specifications and approved for potential ADOT use. The U.S. government and the state of Arizona do not endorse products or manufacturers.

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In order to be considered for the APL an application must be submitted for product evaluation.

APL Application Product Evaluation Tables


What can I do if ADOT does not have a specification for my type of product?

I think my product meets an ADOT specification but it does not have a category on the APL. What can I do to help get my product on the APL?

Please reach out to the APL coordinator, via email [email protected] for adding a category. The department will then determine if the additional category will be added.

May I submit a Certificate of Compliance (COC) or Certificate of Analysis (COA) instead of test data for my product?

COCs and COAs do not substitute for the required test data. In addition, having a product on the APL does not exempt a vendor from submitting a COC or COA prior to the product's use in construction. COC and COA requirements are found within the Materials Quality Assurance Program Manual, under Appendix C, the Sampling Guide Schedule, and Certificates.


Product Evaluation Guidelines

The Product Evaluation Program guidelines are found within the 2023 Research Center Program Manual.