FAQ - Product Evaluation Program

FAQ - Product Evaluation Program

Frequently Asked Questions

For what products may I submit an application?

The APL lists products by category. ADOT maintains a specification for each category and subcategory. Vendors and manufacturers are invited to submit applications for products that have a category or subcategory on the APL. Applications for products that do not have an APL category will not be evaluated. Please submit applications through the AZPEP Portal.

I think my product meets an ADOT specification but it does not have a category on the APL. What can I do to help get my product on the APL?

Please reach out to the APL coordinator, via email [email protected] for adding a category. The department will then determine if the additional category will be added.

What can I do if ADOT does not have a specification for my type of product?

  • You may market your product directly to contractors who bid on ADOT construction projects. PEP is not involved in this process.
  • You may request that ADOT develop a specification for the product type by completing a Standards Committee Request. The request will be considered by the ADOT Standards Committee.
  • New technologies should be presented to Transportation System Management and Operations (TSMO).
  • New or experimental products may be presented to the subcommittees most inline with your product.

What if my product is a Proprietary Item or requires a Public Interest Finding? 

Proprietary Products and products requiring Public Interest Findings are given a certification by the Group Manager of responsible charge. Please see SUP 01-1 Proprietary Items for further information.

If my product is not on the APL, will ADOT still allow the use of my product?

Yes, unless otherwise specified in the Special Provisions, products not appearing on the Approved Products List at the time of the bid opening may be used if they meet the requirements of the contract documents. Further requirements are found in section 106.14 Approved Products List of the standard specifications.

How can I expedite the evaluation process?

  • Applicants can ensure that they have read the ADOT Specifications and have identified the appropriate category and subcategory for their product, that testing has been performed within the last five years by an accredited lab, and that they submit all required materials within stated deadlines.
  • Applicants should review the posted evaluation tables that contain the requirements for a number of APL Categories. If your category does not have a table, please reach out to the APL mailbox at [email protected].

How old may my testing data be?

At the time of submitting your application, all testing data will need to be current within five years of submission.

May I submit a Certificate of Compliance (COC) or Certificate of Analysis (COA) instead of test data for my product?

COCs and COAs do not substitute for the required test data. In addition, having a product on the APL does not exempt a vendor from submitting a COC or COA prior to the product's use in construction. COC and COA requirements are found within the Materials Quality Assurance Program Manual, under Appendix C, the Sampling Guide Schedule, and Certificates.

Will AASHTO Product Evaluation and Audit Solutions (formerly AASHTO National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP)) datamine test data be acceptable for my application?

AASHTO Product Evaluation and Audit Solutions datamine test data is acceptable if the ADOT specification for your product category requires AASHTO Product Evaluation and Audit Solutions testing ("NTPEP" may still be referenced in currently published specifications). Please review the specifications to determine whether this applies to your product. When applying, please specify where that data is stored in the datamine. For product categories with requirements not included in the AASHTO Product Evaluation and Audit Solutions testing, additional independent test data from an accredited lab may be required.

Do I need to submit a Safety Data Sheet with my application?

If your product has a chemical formulation, you must submit a Safety Data Sheet.

How long does APL approval last?

Once approved, products remain on the APL for five years or until ADOT or the applicant deems the product unacceptable, whichever comes first.

Can I get help filling out an application?

The AZPEP Portal is designed to be self-explanatory. To apply, please complete and submit all required forms and documentation. However, if you have questions or comments on the portal or process, please contact PEP at [email protected].

May we meet with you to discuss or demonstrate a product?

Product evaluation staff do not meet with applicants. Staff will contact you if information is needed.

Experiencing product deficiencies or failures?

Please reach out to the APL coordinator, via email [email protected] with your feedback.