Arizona Statewide Truck Parking Implementation Plan

Arizona Statewide Truck Parking Implementation Plan


ADOT has developed a Statewide Truck Parking Implementation Plan to address the increased need for available parking for large commercial trucks traveling through Arizona. Development of the plan included determining current issues and critical needs for truck parking, working closely with the trucking industry.

The plan proposes the construction of new parking facilities and expansion of existing ADOT parking facilities to add 842 truck parking spaces in 10 locations along interstates throughout the state in areas with the greatest need. These locations include existing rest areas, as well as three new “safe lots” within the existing ADOT freeway right-of-way. Six of the recommended new parking locations are along I-10, three locations are along I-40 and one is along I-8.

The recommended locations were determined based on areas with the highest truck parking demand and existing undesignated truck parking, as well as cost, ease of implementation and input from the trucking industry. The sites were prioritized for implementation based on existing and future available funding, as follows below:

I-10 Burnt Well Rest Area 103 spaces
I-40 Meteor Crater Rest Area 140 spaces
I-10 B-10/SR186 TI Safe Lot 127 spaces
I-40 Crazy Creek Safe Lot 176 spaces
I-10 Ehrenberg Rest Area 53 spaces
I-10 San Simon Rest Area 80 spaces
I-10 Bouse Wash Rest Area 55 spaces
I-40 Seligman Safe Lot 72 spaces
I-10 Sacaton Rest Area 20 spaces
I-8 Mohawk Rest Area 16 spaces

Based on the $32 million in National Highway Freight Program (NHFP) funding currently available to ADOT to expand truck parking, the study recommends adding a total of 370 new truck parking spaces in the following top three critical locations: Burnt Well Rest Area, Meteor Crater Rest Area and the B-10/SR186 interchange Safe Lot.

Parking at the additional seven locations could be implemented based on future funding.

Earlier this year, ADOT committed an additional $18 Million of NHFP funding through the 2023 Statewide Rest Area Plan to expand five of the state’s rest areas. 


Truck Parking Implementation Plan Study Documents

Map of proposed project locations

Parking Improvement Plan


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