Arizona Statewide Rest Area Study

Arizona Statewide Rest Area Study


The Statewide Rest Area Study provides a blueprint for how ADOT plans to preserve, rehabilitate, modernize and expand the state’s rest areas during the next 20 years. The study recommends a prioritized list of improvements for the short term (0-5 years), mid-term (5-10 years) and long term (10-20 years) for the 19 state-owned rest areas (see map below). The priorities are data-driven and based on needs, specific evaluation criteria including federal requirements and projected available funding.

The plan is updated every 10 years to capture and address changes in the rapidly growing needs of the traveling public, the transportation industry, federal and state policies, technology and potential revenue generation and financing programs. This study updates the strategic plan developed in 2011 to a target year of 2042.


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Rest Areas Map

Statewide Rest Area Location Map
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