Adopt a Highway

Adopt a Highway photo of BC
If you drive through the Hopi Reservation, you’ll notice an Adopt a Highway sign that reads “BC One of a Kind” about 11 miles...
Show Low Rangers group image
One Show Low group has a long history of community service and it includes keeping our state beautiful with the Adopt a Highway program.
Adopt a Highway kids
Our ADOT Kids coloring activity this week encourges kids to avoid littering.
Milepost 306
One White Mountain community group has maintained 2 miles of State Route 277 for 15 years.
Keep it Grand Chalk Art Submission
We're answering kids' litter questions and featuring their Keep it Grand artwork.
Adopt a Highway clean up image
One Adopt a Highway segment near Show Low has one family traveling nearly 200 miles to honor a beloved sister.
Kids should know they too can participate in Adopt a Highway and help Keep it Grand .
Highway litter
Take our trash quiz and learn more about how the Adopt a Highway program helps with litter in our state.


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