Adopt a Highway

TUCSON - A major litter cleanup project in the Tucson area has removed 44,000 pounds of trash from Interstates 10 and 19 in the Tucson area as part of the Arizona Department of Transportation’s...
Struggling to complete your holiday gift lift? Consider shopping at ADOT! Seriously.
It could be said that Aaron and Natalie Merullo are a special welcoming committee for travelers crossing the stateline from Utah into Arizona.
Learn how you can join dozens of volunteers in January to clean miles of State Route 286!
One Adopt a Highway group in northeastern Arizona honors their Navajo elder through their volunteerism.
Read about one family that paid tribute to their little brother on National CleanUp Day.
Hundreds of thousands participated in National CleanUp Day, including Adopt a Highway volunteers.
Arizona Department of Transportation volunteers answered the call to participate on National CleanUp Day, Sept. 18, by removing more than 150 bags, or 2,053 pounds of trash from alongside Arizona’s...
National CleanUp Day is almost here. Be sure to let your friends and family know you're volunteering!
National CleanUp Day is just around the corner. Now is the time to register!