Adopt a Highway

Adopt a Highway clean up image
One Adopt a Highway segment near Show Low has one family traveling nearly 200 miles to honor a beloved sister.
Kids should know they too can participate in Adopt a Highway and help Keep it Grand .
Highway litter
Take our trash quiz and learn more about how the Adopt a Highway program helps with litter in our state.
sidewalk chalk
Please have your kids encourage others to Keep it Grand using their creativity with chalk art.
Congress Adopt a Highway group
One Adopt a Highway group has found "one man's trash is another man's treasure" is sometimes true.
Adopt a Highway Statehood Day
We have a great way for you to celebrate Arizona on Statehood Day.
Adopt a Highway sign
Show your love on Valentine's Day with Adopt a Highway.
Volunteers All the Way to the Border SR 286 2020 event
For five years Melissa Owen has worked toward her dream of cleaning all 45 miles of State Route 286. In 2020, 121 volunteers made her dream come true.


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