Driver License

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Facial recognition is critical to our efforts to protect Arizonans' identities and prevent fraud involving state-issued driver licenses and ID cards.
There are now 22 Third Party providers operating 33 locations throughout Arizona offer driver license services, including driving tests.
Voluntary Travel ID Sample
Rest assured your current Arizona driver license or state ID is going to be accepted at airports until Oct. 1, 2020.
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MVD has eliminated random road tests for new private driving school grads.
A new MVD partnership makes it easier to get a replacement Social Security card without leaving home.
Those of us who work at ADOT know that taking care of paperwork at an MVD office isn't a popular thing to do. That's why we’re doing a lot to get you out of line and safely on the road.
Travel ID
New drivers or those new to Arizona might want to apply for a Voluntary Travel ID. Check out our new video explaining what you should bring along to the MVD office.


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