Arizona I-10 Highway
The "random act of kindness" by the person or persons decorating a scrub tree near Sunset Point inspired Dolan Ellis to write a song called "Scrubby." He visited ADOT recently to perform it.
I-17 widening press conference
Sept. 26 was a big day, both for us and for everyone who drives on Interstate 17 north of the Valley. As we said in a news...
I-17 at Copper Canyon undated
We are thinking a lot about I-17 today and that has us reminiscing about this highway's important past.
INFRA poster
The Federal Highway Administration is awarding Arizona a $90 million grant to help boost capacity and safety just north of Phoenix.
I-17 SB Camelback 1966
Can you pick out where this picture in the Valley was taken more than 50 years ago?
Art of Transportation metal meerkats
Our photographer was seeing meerkats at the project to expand Pinnacle Peak over Interstate 17.
Snapshot of a mirror from I-17 Pinnacle Peak work
Today's Art of Transportation photo is a meta-level look at our project on I-17 and Pinnacle Peak.
Map of I-17 south of Sunset Point where proposed flex lanes will be placed.
See a video showing what's coming to this busy freeway between Anthem and Sunset Point.


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