Litter is no joke, neither is the effort necessary to keep our 59 pump stations along Valley freeways clean and maintained. That's where ADOT's hydrovac comes in.
Wrigley, the lost Shetland Sheepdog found and returned by ADOT crew.
An ADOT maintenance crew quickly jumped into action when they spied a dog on the side of the highway near Payson.
Work resumes on I-40 in northern Arizona
As summer starts again, its now warm enough for work on several road improvement projects in northern Arizona.
Snowy Roads
If you were born and raised south of Cordes Junction, let’s face it: You’re probably not an expert when it comes to driving in snow. We're here to help.
Heavy rain, mudflow and large rocks slow traffic on US 89.
ADOT's Equipment Services crew got traffic moving after mud and rocks blocked the roadway near Glen Canyon Dam.
Vehicle equipped with a profilometer, an instrument that utilizes laser sensors and an accelerometer to measures a road’s smoothness.
ADOT’s job doesn’t end once a road is built.
Road cleanup
Do you ever think much about roadway debris? It’s a potential danger all drivers should be aware of – it’s also something that everyone can help prevent.


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