Emergency Parking Only Sign
Whether your passion is sledding, making snowmen or taking selfies with heart hands, don’t park on highway shoulders to play in the snow.
I-17 wrong-way vehicle alert system award
Our wrong-way vehicle alert system being tested along a stretch of I-17 in Phoenix has earned a special award for innovation.
Dynamic Message Boards - "Fender Bender? Save your rear / quickly clear"
If you are in the fender bender, the most crucial thing to remember is simple: Move over. Get out of the travel lanes. You don’t have to preserve the scene of non-injury crash.
"Don't meet the reaper - buckle up" Road Sign
Encouraging drivers to make safe driving decisions, ADOT is displaying two Halloween-themed safety messages on overhead signs statewide.
Car dash
With vehicle crashes the leading cause of death for U.S. teens, it’s a good time for parents to remind teen drivers that simple actions can make you safer.
Wet and rainy roadway
It's a rainy week with the remnants of Hurricane Rosa passing through Arizona. That's why we're urging motorists to slow down, avoid tailgating and sudden braking, and expect the unexpected.


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