Don't park in tall brush DMS
Those signs saying don't park in tall brush or don't drag chains? There's a serious reason for them.
Your words here! Enter ADOT's Message Contest
Within 24 hours of launching our Safety Message Contest, we’d received more than 1,400 entries. After 48 hours the total number of submissions had climbed to 2,000.
ADOT employee Jose Baeza rescued two motorists suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning
Our employees see a variety of emergencies on freeways, but recently, thanks to some keen observation, one was able to help two motorists who faced a silent danger.
Semi Trucks in Port of Entry Inspection Bay
ADOT's International Border Inspection Qualification has helped Mexican truckers achieve a more than 99 percent success rate on safety inspections while crossing the international border.
Overhead freeway signs
A video by the National Operations Center of Excellence features an ADOT engineer explaining the benefits from new striping and signs along a westbound stretch in Tempe.
Aerial view of the US 93
We've already widened 161 miles of US 93, the main route between Phoenix and Las Vegas, to divided four-lane highway. Now we're launching a project to widen nearly 4 more miles.
Roadway leading into a storm front
After an extended stretch of dry weather, Arizona drivers should prepare for driving in the rain – or in snow at higher elevations – late this week and into the weekend.
Snowy road near Flagstaff.
Planning and some common sense are the keys to a safe trip to enjoy snow in Arizona's high country.
Dynamic Message Sign: Don;'t Meet the Reaper Buckle Up
Highway safety is important at ADOT and we work to keep it top of mind for drivers throughout the year.


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