Highway sign Halloween costume
When his great aunt shared a photo of Hunter Vincente dressed up as a highway sign, we had to know more.
ADOT employee screen prints sign in ADOT sign shop.
Ever wonder where our freeway signs come from and how they are made? The answer to both those questions lie within our sign shop.
Speed feedback sign
New digital signs look to improve safety along a mountainous stretch of I-17.
Flashing Lights? Give'em space - move over.
You may have already seen this safety message, but it's no less important than the first time it was posted.
ADOT Sign Shop
A familiar face stopped by the ADOT Sign Shop this week.
"Buckle up? So Good! So Good! So Good!"
Here's why many of our dynamic message signs will display music-themed safety messages this weekend.
Blue Logo Sign
Grand Canyon State Logo Signs are cost effective tool for local businesses to gain exposure along busy highways.
"Take it slow on Valentine's Day obey the speed limit"
Show your loved ones you care by slowing down this Valentine's Day.
Workers in the Sign Shop
ADOT Director John Halikowski steps into his employees' shoes to learn what goes into making and installing highway signs.


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