SR 347

SR 347 overpass AASHTO Award
Three ADOT projects from the last year have been recognized as some of the best in the industry in the 2020 America's Transportation Awards.
Speed limit decals on SR 347
Those driving along State Route 347 between Interstate 10 and Riggs Road will see large white decals being tested on the pavement.
SR 347 new overpass opens
Thanks to a new overpass that is part of a $55 million ADOT improvement project, drivers no longer have to wait for trains crossing SR 347.
Drone view of State Route 347 overpass
A deck pour scheduled for late next week represents a major step toward completing an overpass spanning the railroad tracks in the heart of a growing city.
Cement Piers
Drivers can't miss the first signs of an overpass that will carry commuters on SR 347 over the railroad tracks in Maricopa.


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