Throwback Thursday

Two ADOT employess presenting Governor Jack Williams with a new sign encouraging seat belt use.
A friendly reminder that's never outdated.
I-17 & I-40 in Flagstaff 1967
Take a respite from the high heat and go back in time to lower temperatures.
Throwback Thursday Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge construction night work photography
Daunting engineering challenge or monster B-movie material? We are looking at a tangled web for Throwback Thursday.
State Route 360 in Tempe
This week we throwback nearly 50 years to a pleasant evening with a Valley freeway in its infancy.
Deck Park Tunnel Project October 1989
Today we look back on an integral piece of interstate infrastructure.
Sunset Point in 1971
We're throwing back to a busy rest area along Interstate 17 that comes with a great view.
I-15 Blasting Zone
We are throwing back to what the 70s can still teach us about construction zone safety
Ash Fork undated
The community of Ash Fork has always had a knack for being at the right place when it comes to popular transportation.
Old Route 66 Oatman to Kingman
This photo of a stunning view led us to a small footnote in the history of US 66 in northern Arizona.
Unknown highway photo
Who doesn't love a good mystery? Because we found one in our archives!


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