Throwback Thursday

Today, we throw it back to a Red Mountain Freeway in progress.
The year is 1966 and the Broadway Curve won't open for two more years.
In 1973, the Globe movie theatre is showing a film that modern audiences know better as a slick sci-fi television series.
In 1988, Governor Rose Mofford dedicated the first stretch of the Loop 101 Agua Fria Freeway.
Take it from a kangaroo who knows: Pool it!
Let's go back 52 years to a familiar scene.
A friendly reminder that's never outdated.
Take a respite from the high heat and go back in time to lower temperatures.
Daunting engineering challenge or monster B-movie material? We are looking at a tangled web for Throwback Thursday.
This week we throwback nearly 50 years to a pleasant evening with a Valley freeway in its infancy.