Throwback Thursday

Globe in 1973
In 1973, the Globe movie theatre is showing a film that modern audiences know better as a slick sci-fi television series.
Rose Mofford dedicates Loop 101 Agua Fria
In 1988, Governor Rose Mofford dedicated the first stretch of the Loop 101 Auga Fria Freeway.
Pool it, Share the ride, Kangaroo
Take it from a kangaroo who knows: Pool it!
A view of I-17 from south Phoenix
Let's go back 52 years to a familiar scene.
Two ADOT employess presenting Governor Jack Williams with a new sign encouraging seat belt use.
A friendly reminder that's never outdated.
I-17 & I-40 in Flagstaff 1967
Take a respite from the high heat and go back in time to lower temperatures.
Throwback Thursday Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge construction night work photography
Daunting engineering challenge or monster B-movie material? We are looking at a tangled web for Throwback Thursday.
State Route 360 in Tempe
This week we throwback nearly 50 years to a pleasant evening with a Valley freeway in its infancy.
Deck Park Tunnel Project October 1989
Today we look back on an integral piece of interstate infrastructure.
Sunset Point in 1971
We're throwing back to a busy rest area along Interstate 17 that comes with a great view.


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