Throwback Thursday

Tunnel light cleaning October 1971
Somebody has to keep the lights on, which is why today's Throwback Thursday highlights a crew doing lighting maintenance in the early 1970s.
Canoa Rest Area Display June 1978
Local information always gives each of our 27 rest areas their own individual flare. Today we take a look at how we provided that back in the day.
SR 87 highway marking north of Payson
An undated photo warning drivers about a tight turn ahead gives us the chance to talk a bit about the history of State Route 87 north of Payson.
TBT Gearheads 2
Technology is everywhere when it comes to transportation these days, but, as this photo reminds us, at the end of the day we'll always need gearheads, tinkerers and handymen.
Welcome to Arizona sign SR 95 Parker 1971
Arizona has brand new welcome signs to greet travelers at the state line, so we decided to look back at how the state used to greet travelers.
Burro Creek construction
Here's a view that's not so common: the beginnings of the original Burro Creek bridge on US 93.
Model Sacaton Rest Area
A model for the Sacaton Rest Area shows an interesting glimpse of what might have been.
SR 89A East Sedona
Like most photos we throwback to, this one also comes to us undated. It is simply labeled "SR89A East Sedona." We hardly need...
US 80 and US 95 intersection 1972
We are throwing back to 1972 and a busy highway intersection in Yuma.
Throwback Thursday I-10 at Broadway Curve
We're thinking a lot about the Broadway Curve right now, which makes this photo particularly fitting.


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