wildlife protection
Learn about how wildlife species are protected along the Verde River when construction activities occur nearby.
This time of year, crashes involving wildlife are more likely due to monsoon and heavy holiday-related travel. Follow these tips to avoid having a “deer in the headlights” moment.
Ringtail raccoon under the lattice of rebar
The Ina Road interchange was progressing without any surprises until a furry visitor make an unexpected appearance.
Lesser long-nosed bat
ADOT goes to bat for a couple of flying mammals near the San Pedro River.
Arizona Wildlife Guide
If you enjoy receiving your Arizona Highways magazine in your mailbox each month, you might want to check out the publication's coffee table books and guides.
State Route 77 (Oracle Road)
The State Route 77 (Oracle Road) project west of Mt. Lemmon not only adds travel lanes for drivers but has something for bicyclists and wildlife.
Desert tortoise
ADOT is known for building roads but we also work to protect the wildlife that live near our highways. The desert tortoise is just one of the animals ADOT partners with other agencies to protect.
Little white dog
A little dog that made her way onto SR 51 during Monday evening’s rush hour and miraculously avoided being hit by traffic now has a good home in her future.
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