Engineers Week ADOT
It has been said that engineers solve problems you didn’t know you had in ways you don’t understand. At the Arizona Department...
Frances Walker the first female engineer in the Arizona Highway Department
More than 60 years ago, Frances Walker became the first female engineer with the Arizona Highway Department. Here is what highway engineering looked like back then.
ADOT Engineer Kee Yazzie celebrates his retirement with his family.
Beyond his work as a civil engineer with ADOT's operation serving northeastern Arizona, Kee Yazzie was a key contact with Native American communities.
 Students from Copper King Elementary School in Phoenix learned how math and science skills are used to build roads and other infrastructure while touring an ADOT Materials Lab.
A visit to the ADOT Materials Lab in Phoenix demonstrated how what taught in science, technology, engineering and mathematics helps those who build and maintain state highways.
Engineer-in-Training Program participant Yudi Lei
Those selected for the program delve into a variety of disciplines, helping each find the niche reflecting their passions and skills.
Construction of a new bridge
Value engineering used by ADOT and its contractors is designed to deliver superior final products in less time without additional cost.
NewsBeat, 1986
We're taking you back to the beginnings of the Engineer-in-Training program.
Deck Pour
We're looking back at the blogs that showcase engineering for National Engineers Week.
Pavement mixture
Materials engineers evaluate everything from the rocks that go into cement to the reflective beads used in paints that stripe roadways to the bolts that help hold bridges together.
Traffic Signals
Traffic engineers explain how they keep vehicles moving and the new technology that is ahead.


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