Cultural Resources

HPT Portal Access

The Historic Preservation Team (HPT) Portal is a web-based research database for the storage and retrieval of electronic project data on cultural resources along ADOT right of way, excluding those on tribal lands. This documentation facilitates appropriate consideration of project-associated impacts and subsequent mitigation measures. Access to the HPT Portal is limited to qualified cultural resources professionals and is gained through application and verification of qualifications. The four application forms are available below; get more information and/or return forms to Shearon Vaughn.

Contact Information

To arrange for avoidance flagging / monitoring of cultural resources, please contact the main EPG office number at 602.712.7767. This should be done 10 business days in advance. In case of a discovery situation of previously unidentified cultural resources, please contact the main EPG office number at 602.712.7767.



Report Reviewing Checklist

The Report Reviewing Checklist is used to ensure the adequacy of cultural resource reports submitted to HPT. The Checklist is a compilation of the Arizona State Museum's Reporting Standards, the Arizona State Historic Preservation Administrative Procedures, and the Guidelines for Report Production Standards for ADOT Consultants.

Historic Preservation Team Cover and Title Page Templates

This download contains the cover page and inside title page for cultural resource reports only, and includes information specific to cultural resources only, such as permit numbers and permitting agency name. It also includes a disclosure/confidentiality statement that differs from other Environmental Planning reports.

List of Archaeological Consultants

The following list represents those institutions, organizations, and corporations that have blanket permits to conduct archaeological and/or paleontological surface survey and / or limited subsurface exploration in nonsite areas on all state, county, city and other municipal properties in Arizona.

Interim Agreement for the Treatment of Historic Roads

Good Roads Everywhere: A History of Road Building in Arizona

This document, consisting of 178 pages, provides a historic overview of road building to help identify those roads in Arizona worthy of preservation.