Biology and Clean Water Act Section 404/401

Biology and Clean Water Act Section 404/401

The ADOT Environmental Planning Biological Resources Program is comprised of biologists working on four main topics: Sensitive/protected species, Clean Water Act 404 permits/401 certifications, roadside vegetation and wildlife connectivity. Our mission is complying with regulations addressing sensitive species and waters of the U.S. This includes evaluating sensitive species, developing appropriate conservation measures and completing necessary Endangered Species Act Section 7 consultation. We also coordinate the biological components of ADOT projects and operations with land managing and resource agencies and Arizona tribes.

Additionally, the ADOT Biology Team assesses the potential for water resources considered jurisdictional under Section 404 of the CWA to occur within or near the project area. As part of this determination, a jurisdictional delineation may be conducted to determine the exact boundary and types of water features (such as wetlands or drainages) present on a project site. Please refer to the ADOT Clean Water Act Section 404/401 Guidance Manual for more details.

Our core vision is merging sensitive species issues, water, vegetation management and wildlife connectivity to streamline project development and create an efficient, cost effective project delivery and operations system.

Maps for Biologist and Herbicide/Invasive Species Contacts

Biological Guidance and Scoping

The biological Guidance and Scoping section will provide consultant practitioners the necessary links for the preparation and completion of project Biological Evaluation reports.

Biological Report Templates

The Biological Report Templates section will assist practitioners in the preparation of project Biological Evaluation reports.