Adopt a Highway

Adopt a Highway


The Adopt a Highway program provides an opportunity for community members and businesses to help keep our highways litter free.

Nearly 23.7 billion pieces of litter are left on 8.3 million miles of roadways in the United States equaling 2,855 pieces per mile. This equates to about 73 littered items per person nationwide.

We invite you to be a part of positive change by joining a program that works for your lifestyle and helps keep Arizona grand. Please Contact us for more information.

Adopt a Highway program options:

  • The Volunteer program applies to civic-minded individuals, families, churches and other groups who may receive a two year permit to clean up roadside litter on segments of roadway deemed as safe for volunteers.
  • The Sponsor program applies to civic-minded individuals and businesses that contract with maintenance providers to clean up roadside litter for a fee. These highways include urban areas that experience a large volume of traffic and litter, and that are unsafe for volunteers.