Getting Started - Adopt a Highway

Getting Started - Adopt a Highway

Adopt a Highways Volunteers - The Curtis Family

Become one of the thousands of dedicated volunteers keeping our highways clean and safe.

Here's how:
  1. Review the map. Locate the area of the state where you would like to adopt a segment of highway.
  2. Read and complete the Adopt a Highway Volunteer Application and General Obligations and Responsibilities. If you know the mile markers associated with your requested adopted area, fill in the mile markers. If you do not know the mile markers, leave the mile marker section blank. Complete the application, print and sign it. 
  3. Attach and send the completed volunteer application to the  ADOT District associated with the adoption area. You may request assistance to find an adoptable segment by providing the highway number, crossroad and nearest city. When the permit is complete you may,
  4. Gather your friends and family for a litter cleanup event!
  5. Conduct a safety briefing with your group before each event.
  6. Return the Adopt a Highway Volunteer Registration Form to ADOT after each cleanup event. Be sure the form is signed by all participating volunteers.
  7. Report your litter after each clean-up. The number of bags filled is information we use to measure the success of the program. We want to know how you did, and your volunteers do too! Each bag makes a positive difference toward reducing litter along Arizona's highways. 

Volunteer Application

Read the program guidelines below and fill out an application to become an Adopt a Highway volunteer today!