Certification Acceptance

Certification Acceptance

Through the Certification Acceptance (CA) Program, certified LPAs are authorized to independently manage most aspects of the project development process. The Certification Acceptance Program requires LPAs to have the capability, experience, and resources to develop and administer projects according to all applicable agency, state, federal, and tribal laws, regulations, and requirements. Currently the State of Arizona has 8 CA approved agencies.

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ADOT CA Change Order Approval Process

Certification Acceptance Agency Matrix

The Matrix of Delegated Authority is a snap shot of the current status of each Certification Acceptance agency. The Certification Acceptance agencies were recertified in 2019.

Certification Acceptance Agreements

Below are the signed individual Certification Acceptance agreements ADOT entered with the following cities and counties. These agreements are current and list their terms and conditions.

Certification Acceptance Contact Information

For information on the Certification Acceptance program, please contact Bret Anderson, Local Public Agency Manager by email or phone at 602.712.8144.

Certification Acceptance Manual

LPA Certification Acceptance Manual - Current Manual, June 2019

Certification Acceptance Manual

The intent and purpose of the Certification Acceptance (CA) Manual is to document the roles and responsibilities of the CA Agency, Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and provide procedural guidance with respect to delivery, oversight, and stewardship of the Federal-aid Highway Program (FAHP).


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Current Manual, June 2019 - Manual by Section

Certification Acceptance Manual by Section
Section Sub-Section Section Title Issue Date
  Acronyms June 2019
100.00 General Administration  
  100.10 Certification Acceptance June 2019
  100.20 Financial Administration June 2019
  100.30 Contract Administration June 2019
  100.40 Project Inspections and Program Evaluations June 2019
200.00 Project Development Process  
  200.10 Project Development Process Illustrated June 2019
  200.20 Planning/Programming June 2019
  200.30 Project Initiation June 2019
  200.40 Development/Design June 2019
  200.50 Environmental June 2019
  200.60 Right-Of-Way June 2019
  200.70 Utilities and Railroads June 2019
  200.80 Construction Administration June 2019
  200.90 Construction June 2019
  200.100 Final Acceptance and Project Closeout June 2019
300.00 Civil Rights  
  300.10 Americans With Disabilities Act June 2019
  300.20 Title VI Nondiscrimination June 2019
400.00 Glossary June 2019
500.00 Figures June 2019
600.00 Change List June 2019

Historical Manuals

Certification Acceptance Program - Computer Based Training

Certified Acceptance Program Training

ADOT Certification Acceptance Training Manual

This course discusses the role and responsibility of a Certification Acceptance (CA) Agency when implementing the Federal-aid Highway Program in Arizona. This computer based training includes a final assessment quiz.

Important: The Certification Acceptance Progam Training was developed in 2015 to compliment the recertification of our CA agencies. The information in this video should be reconciled with the current CA manual and communication memorandums. After successfully completing the final assessment quiz, please take a screen shot of your quiz results and email it to [email protected].

Be sure to include your contact information including your full name, title, agency, phone number and the date the test was completed.

Your test results will be recorded with the ADOT Local Public Agency Section.

Certification Acceptance - Project Resources

Record Drawing Guidance

The CA form can be found on our ADOT record drawing website, under “Additional Resources.” After the form is completed, please send it to your project manager.