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Archive photo of MVD employees filing paperwork
The MVD is finding ways to leverage new technology to improve processes and improve the customer experience.
Historical photo of a road being built
Arizona Transportation History reports gives a look at the history of US 89.
1967 Aerial photograph of Flagstaff covered in snow
We found a photograph in our archives that's an excellent throwback/reminder for travelers who are facing the winter storm.
Highway Department display at 1970 State Fair
After looking at these photos, we feel like we’ve taken a trip back to 1970 and landed our DeLorean at the Arizona State Fair.
Crew working on the I-10 Deck Park Tunnel
In honor of its 25th birthday, we’ve focused on the Deck Park Tunnel all week but we’re not done yet.
Touring drainage tunnels under the Deck Park Tunnel
The Deck Park Tunnel isn’t technically a tunnel - it’s actually made up of 19 bridges that are lined up side by side, creating a tunnel effect for motorists. But there are actual, honest-to-goodness tunnels that were dug during the project.
Black and white photograph of Arizona’s first freeway interchange connecting Black Canyon Freeway and US 60/Grand Avenue
In 1957, Arizona’s first freeway interchange was finished, connecting Black Canyon Freeway and US 60/Grand Avenue, northwest of downtown Phoenix near Thomas Road.
Changeable message sign from 1972
As you can see in these photos from decades past, ADOT was working to warn motorists about the dangers of dust storms way back in the 1970s.
ADOT lab technician working in 1974
Highway construction isn’t just big machinery, heavy-duty vehicles and materials by the ton. There’s a lot of work that happens off project sites and inside a lab.
Work on I-17 in 1980
For as long as there have been roads, there have been work zones.


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