Deck Park Tunnel

Have you ever wondered what lies deep inside the Interstate 10 Deck Park Tunnel?
PHOENIX – Sections of Interstate 10 will be closed in the downtown Phoenix area the next two weekends to allow for scheduled inspections at the Deck Park Tunnel. The Arizona Department of...
We think you'll see the light when you're passing through the Deck Park Tunnel with the recent completion of an upgraded lighting system.
PHOENIX – The installation of improved lighting in the Interstate 10 Deck Park Tunnel north of downtown Phoenix has been completed. Arizona Department of Transportation crews have worked in stages...
Things are looking pretty bright for our project to install LED lighting in the Deck Park Tunnel - pun intended.
Today we look back on an integral piece of interstate infrastructure.
Things are looking a little brighter when it comes to the I-10 Deck Park Tunnel.
Happy 30th birthday to the Deck Park Tunnel!
The Deck Park Tunnel is more than a way to get cars from point A to point B. Vent rooms with giant fans are ready to keep fresh air flowing when needed.
If you regularly travel through the Deck Park Tunnel, you'll probably remember this crash from 2013.