Deck Park Tunnel

Happy 30th birthday to the Deck Park Tunnel!
Deck Park Tunnel Fan
The Deck Park Tunnel is more than a way to get cars from point A to point B. Vent rooms with giant fans are ready to keep fresh air flowing when needed.
Spilled melons
If you regularly travel through the Deck Park Tunnel, you'll probably remember this crash from 2013.
Central Avenue Bridge 1989
Downtown Phoenix looks dramatically different than it did 30 years ago, however you may still recognize a few landmarks.
Crew working on the I-10 Deck Park Tunnel
In honor of its 25th birthday, we’ve focused on the Deck Park Tunnel all week but we’re not done yet.
Touring drainage tunnels under the Deck Park Tunnel
The Deck Park Tunnel isn’t technically a tunnel - it’s actually made up of 19 bridges that are lined up side by side, creating a tunnel effect for motorists. But there are actual, honest-to-goodness tunnels that were dug during the project.
Construction frame for the I-10 Deck Park Tunnel
Do you know what you were doing 25 years ago today?
Deck Park Tunnel
Twenty-five years ago, the last segment of Interstate 10 was completed and it happened in Phoenix.
Crew cleaning the Deck Park Tunnel walls
Revisit an old video and blog post that explain how the I-10 Deck Park Tunnel is maintained.


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