Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

While those other drivers during your commute may sometimes seem like a nuisance, the truth is they - and you - are an important part of making sure the state gets its fair amount of transportation funds.
The Arizona Department of Transportation has received a 2019 National Roadway Safety Award for the wrong-way vehicle alert system being tested on Interstate 17 in Phoenix.
Using a federal grant, ADOT recently obtained two drones and certified two pilots to help share views of projects and landscapes.
ADOT joins other DOTs in seeking a federal grant to develop a program alerting commercial truck drivers to available public parking at I-10 rest areas.
A 1971 public meeting in Globe to discuss a new route for US 60/70 is one example of ADOT's commitment to public comments on its projects.
Recognizing that states can comply with federal environmental requirements on their own while streamlining processes, a new agreement assigns ADOT environmental review authority and responsibility for...
ADOT was on hand for an Innovation Exchange Campaign event held this week in Tempe. Get a glimpse of the future.
With a three-year environmental study that began recently for an I-11 corridor between Nogales and Wickenburg, here’s a quick rundown of who’s involved.
The Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway has received final approval from the Federal Highway Administration, which means ADOT can now move the project forward.
Through a collaborative effort among ADOT, DPS, FHWA and MAG, a new program was recently launched that stations DPS officers at the Traffic Operations Center.