Dynamic Message Signs - "Minutes to SR 69: 26, Flagstaff: 105"
Interstate 17 motorists between Phoenix and Flagstaff now see estimated travel times to their destinations.
Tree in the median of I-17 is mysteriously decorated for Christmas.
The enduring mystery of the Mystery Tree has returned to I-17 near Sunset Point.
I-17 wrong-way vehicle alert system award
Our wrong-way vehicle alert system being tested along a stretch of I-17 in Phoenix has earned a special award for innovation.
Sunset Point Memorial
Sunset Point is ADOT's busiest rest area and is known to drivers on Interstate 17 for its grand vistas. But it also is home to another unique feature - a sundial memorial to fallen ADOT employees.
I-17 (Black Canyon Freeway) just south of I-40 in Flagstaff in 1968. It took another decade to finish I-17 in the Verde Valley.
It took a century to turn the old, sleepy Black Canyon stagecoach route into the super highway we know as Interstate 17.


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