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Saturday is officially National Move Over Day, but it's a lesson that applies every day.
Move over title card
When the weather begins to warm across Northern Arizona in the spring, it’s a sprint to begin and complete temperature-...
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In honor of ADOT Incident Response Unit team member Frank Dorizio, Department of Public Safety troopers set up a special enforcement detail for Arizona's Move Over law.
Move over director blog
Our director talks about what "move over" should mean to Arizona motorists.
Dynamic Message Boards - "Fender Bender? Save your rear / quickly clear"
If you are in the fender bender, the most crucial thing to remember is simple: Move over. Get out of the travel lanes. You don’t have to preserve the scene of non-injury crash.
Flashing Lights? Give'em space - move over.
You may have already seen this safety message, but it's no less important than the first time it was posted.
move over az logo
A safety campaign geared toward northern Arizona will feature safety messages on overhead signs and on ADOT’s social media channels.
Car moves over to avoid stopped vehicle
Today we've provided a refresher on the "Move Over" law and a preview of overhead highways you'll be seeing.
Slow down Move over Awareness Day banner
An upcoming freeway parade will highlight the importance of Arizona's 'Move Over' law.
Highway Sign: "2 road workers killed this month - drive alert"
Following two incidents in the past 10 days where two road workers having been hit on state highways, ADOT is reminding drivers to pay attention in work zones.


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