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Imagine an officer worker sitting at a desk working on the side of the freeway while vehicles whiz by at 65 mph. Pretty...
Move Over
Move Over. Besides being the law in Arizona, it’s a simple gesture to provide a safe space for law enforcement, medical personnel, emergency responders and tow truck operators to render aid to motorists on the side of the road. By moving over, you are saving lives.
Seatbelts save lives
New year, new you? ADOT has some excellent suggestions to help make you a better driver in 2022.
Move Over
If you're driving around Phoenix on Saturday, Oct. 16, you may see a freeway parade of 100 or more vehicles.
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Saturday is officially National Move Over Day, but it's a lesson that applies every day.
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When the weather begins to warm across Northern Arizona in the spring, it’s a sprint to begin and complete temperature-...
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In honor of ADOT Incident Response Unit team member Frank Dorizio, Department of Public Safety troopers set up a special enforcement detail for Arizona's Move Over law.
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Our director talks about what "move over" should mean to Arizona motorists.


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