Speed feedback sign
New digital signs look to improve safety along a mountainous stretch of I-17.
I-17 Paving
Highway safety goes far beyond headlines and usually points driver behavior.
Sober Driver? Dilly! Dilly!
If you've ever wondered why you see unconventional safety messages on ADOT's electronic message boards, today's blog has the answer.
Traffic Cones
National Traffic Incident Management Week is here and it's important to know what to do in a minor crash, both for your safety and others on the road.
Drivers taking I-17 this holiday weekend are urged to avoid driving distracted, obey speed limits and make smart decisions behind the wheel.
Flashing Lights? Give'em space - move over.
You may have already seen this safety message, but it's no less important than the first time it was posted.
Dog on the highway
Rescuing Rover from the road may lead to more harm for you and him. It's best to leave his rescue to the professionals.
Drive safely, It's a beautiful day.
Our latest safety message caught the attention of U2 while promoting safe driving and seat belt use.


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