Corredor Seguro Sign
Traveling to Sonoyta, just south of the border, ADOT's director and others joined Sonora officials in recognizing a binational effort that led to the safety corridor.
Federal 8 Map
We're excited to support the Sonoran government with the creation of a safety corridor for Mexico Route 8 between Lukeville and the beaches in Puerto Peñasco
Drive Safely XOXO, ADOT
We're embracing the Valentine's Day spirit on our overhead message boards with a reminder to drive safely.
Traffic and Pedestrians
Distracted driving crashes can be avoided. Stay focused so you and those on the road with you arrive safely.
Sober Driver? Dilly! Dilly!
It's time to reflect on the past year. Today we're looking back at the safety messages we shared in 2017.
Ho-ho-hold down your speed - Santa's watching
It's time for you to weigh in and tell us what you think of our holiday safety messages.
Buckle up! We triple-dog dare ya!
Be safe on the roads and make sure you don't end up with coal in your stocking this year!
Alert - wrong way driver ahead
When it comes to reducing the number of vehicle crashes, fatalities and serious injuries, real change has to begin in the driver’s seat.
Focused driving is the way of the Jedi
The latest Star Wars movie is out and it's an opportunity remind everyone of some safe driving practices.


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