Dog on the highway
Rescuing Rover from the road may lead to more harm for you and him. It's best to leave his rescue to the professionals.
Drive safely, It's a beautiful day.
Our latest safety message caught the attention of U2 while promoting safe driving and seat belt use.
Day Trip Preparedness
If you're hitting the road for the Labor Day holiday, get ADOT's top three travel tips.
You've mastered what to do when driving in a dust storm, but do you know how to stay safe in a downpour?
The sky darkens over rock buttes and saquaro cactus during a lunar eclipse.
Enjoy the upcoming eclipse, but make sure you're doing it safely.
"Buckle up? So Good! So Good! So Good!"
Here's why many of our dynamic message signs will display music-themed safety messages this weekend.
Stay out of the no-zone
For our Spanish-speaking audience, today's blog covers how to safely drive near semitrailers and other large trucks.
Stay out of the no-zone
To keep yourself and others safe, you need to drive differently when you're near semi-trucks.
Thermal wrong way drive detection camera
ADOT Director John Halikowski discusses a planned system to help detect wrong-way drivers.
Dynamic Message Board
In time for July Fourth weekend, ADOT adds more I-17 overhead message signs.


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