SR 89

Ash Fork undated
The community of Ash Fork has always had a knack for being at the right place when it comes to popular transportation.
TBT Yarnell Hill
Going uphill has always been part of driving north in Arizona. And that means steep hills and occassionally rocks, like in this photo from the 1930s.
Old bridge over Meath Wash on State Route 89 south of Ash Fork
By David Rookhuyzen / ADOT Communications Travelers along State Route 89 south of Ash Fork will see the bridge over Meath Wash...
US 89A in Oak Creek | Photo courtesy of James Cowlin Photographs
An Arizona photographer has traveled tens of thousands of miles to document US 89.
Gurley Street View, 1936
A segment of the original US 89 was designated as a historic road in part because it was the first north-south road across Arizona.
Hell Canyon Bridge
Last week, what remained of the old Hell Canyon Bridge on State Route 89 went out with a bang – literally.
Hell Canyon Bridge
While the name often leads to a few jokes, the new SR 89 Hell Canyon Bridge will have some heavenly features.


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