US 60

Ribbon cutting for US 60 to Val Vista
Today we're reliving a 1983 milestone for the Superstition Freeway in Mesa.
Archive photo of Miami to Superior Highway plaque
What became of a plaque installed to commemorate the 1922 opening of a highway that's no longer in use?
Overhead freeway signs
A video by the National Operations Center of Excellence features an ADOT engineer explaining the benefits from new striping and signs along a westbound stretch in Tempe.
US 60 lined with traffic cones up to entrance to Renaissance Festival.
In partnership with festival organizers, we've helped reduce delays not just for attendees but for those heading to and from points east on US 60.
Trust Building and Court House, 1906
For today's Throwback Thursday, we go to Globe back during the horse-and-buggy era.
Globe public meeting attendees
A 1971 public meeting in Globe to discuss a new route for US 60/70 is one example of ADOT's commitment to public comments on its projects.


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