US 60

Blasting on Pinto Creek
Driving along US 60 at Pinto Creek, motorists see heavy equipment carving a road out of the rocky terrain at what might seem...
New US 60 sign
These signs along two stretches carry a designation recently approved by the Arizona State Board on Geographic and Historic Names.
Historic photo of Claypool Tunnel
If you feel like a hike, you can visit the original highway tunnel that connected Superior and Miami.
Ribbon cutting for US 60 to Val Vista
Today we're reliving a 1983 milestone for the Superstition Freeway in Mesa.
Archive photo of Miami to Superior Highway plaque
What became of a plaque installed to commemorate the 1922 opening of a highway that's no longer in use?
Overhead freeway signs
A video by the National Operations Center of Excellence features an ADOT engineer explaining the benefits from new striping and signs along a westbound stretch in Tempe.


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