Highway safety is important at ADOT and we work to keep it top of mind for drivers throughout the year.
We're sharing the story of 60-year-old truck that has a special place at ADOT.
If a picture is worth 1,000 words, you might say drivers in Tucson now have 7,000 words to paint a vivid picture of their next trip on Interstate 19.
A visit to an unusual tomb in Quartzsite erected in memory of a former camel driver.
This week's "Where in AZ??" post proves that it does snow in Arizona!
Early Monday, ADOT's I-17 wrong-way vehicle alert system alerted ADOT and DPS to a wrong-way driver on I-17. See the footage of the system's thermal cameras in action during this incident.
Most Adopt a Highway segments are 2 miles. But an upcoming volunteer cleanup along SR 286 in southern Arizona aims to tackle 45 miles.
See the progress we're making on replacing three bridge decks between Interstate 40 and Historic Route 66 near Seligman.
Planning and some common sense are the keys to a safe trip to enjoy snow in Arizona's high country.
Rocks and a road are your only clues in this week's "Where in AZ??" challenge.
Hundreds of planted saguaros are just the start of what makes the finished Loop 303 and Interstate 10 interchange a site to behold.
Today's blog follows bridge piers deep underground to explain how they support overpasses that can carry thousands of vehicles every day.
The cars may have changed since 1979, but MVD employees are still helping prospective drivers earn their licenses through the road test.
We are just the past the one-year mark for our project to widen I-10 near Eloy. Watch what we have accomplished so far and what drivers can expect before the work finishes later this year.
Some take the road less traveled. This week's "Where in AZ??" location definitely falls in this category.
Recycling is for more than just old newspapers and soda cans. In Pinal County, ADOT is saving time and money as we widen I-10 near Eloy by recycling old highway lanes.
A deck pour is a lot more than simply laying steel and pouring cement. It can be beautiful too.
Whether today or 40 years ago, our highway engineers and crews are thinking about how to move traffic from one side to the other of the Salt River in Phoenix.
Watch as our drone flies over the demolition work on the old I-10 bridges at Jimmie Kerr Boulevard in Casa Grande and the new bridges that are part of a widening project there.
Showcase your knowledge with our Sunday "Where in AZ??" challenge!