Traffic Operations Center

Jasmine Arollo is stepping into a new role with the Incident Response Unit, but its just the latest in a long line of ways her family has served at ADOT.
At the Traffic Operations Center, ADOT and AZDPS work together to alert motorists to potential dangers, mobilize ADOT personnel and state troopers, and make sure the public knows what’s up via the...
A recent peer-to-peer exchange brought representatives of the North Texas Tollway Authority to ADOT's Traffic Operations Center.
We're celebrating a birthday at ADOT. The Traffic Operations Center is turning five.
A little dog that made her way onto SR 51 during Monday evening’s rush hour and miraculously avoided being hit by traffic now has a good home in her future.
A collaborative effort to place DPS troopers at ADOT's Traffic Operations Center has helped to cut the time taken to clear crashes.
Through a collaborative effort among ADOT, DPS, FHWA and MAG, a new program was recently launched that stations DPS officers at the Traffic Operations Center.
The number of electronic message boards displaying commute times is due to increase to 76 by late this year.
PHOENIX - Clearing freeway crashes more quickly to reduce congestion and save lives is the goal of a collaborative effort among the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), Department of Public...
A project is getting underway to redevelop the 511 Traveler Information System website, but first, ADOT is seeking your input.