A postcard image takes us back in time to look at the iconic bridge in Cameron as we look at the modern bridge ADOT has created alongside it.
If you’ve been keeping up with us here on the ADOT Blog, you know that crews are currently working on the US 89 landslide repair project near Page.
ADOT cleared another hurdle last week in its effort to get the US 89 landslide repair started. ADOT has finalized an agreement with a contractor for preconstruction engineering services.
One year after a landslide forced the closure US 89 south of Page, the Arizona Department of Transportation is gearing up to start construction early summer and potentially complete the emergency repair by the end of this year — if there are no environmental, utility or right-of-way hurdles.
The long-term fix for US 89 will involve cutting back the mountain slope, building a gravity buttress wall for support and constructing the new road. But before crews can begin on all that, there’s a lot that has to get done.
ADOT is set to open the newly paved US 89T tomorrow, Aug. 29, albeit with some restrictions. Until construction and fencing is completed, the roadway will be open only during daylight hours (except for local residents) and there will be a 25 mph speed limit.
We know many of you are eager for construction on N20 to finish and we want to let you know that we hear you and understand just how ready you are for this roadway to open! While work isn’t done yet, we hope you can be patient for a little bit longer as ADOT works to ensure that the route is a safe roadway that motorists will be able to use for years to come.
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