ADOT has been in the news lately for a photo posted to our Twitter and Facebook sites.
We’ve got an update for you today on a project we first told you about last summer.
Revisit an old video and blog post that explain how the I-10 Deck Park Tunnel is maintained.
Smooth roads are a top ADOT priority and they have been for some time, even back in 1968 when these photos were taken…
ADOT does not administer vehicle emissions tests.
Ever hear of something called red-dyed diesel fuel?
ADOT’s job doesn’t end once a road is built.
It’s been a while since we checked in on the Virgin River Bridge No. 6 rehabilitation project that’s happening up in the far northwestern corner of the state, but as you can see crews have kept busy.
Snow fences are used by ADOT to help prevent wind-blown snow or snowdrifts from accumulating on the roads.
Partnering is a valuable concept for ADOT and, as you can see in today's video, it’s something that contributes to a successful project.
When someone hears the word “asphalt,” they might picture the road that they drive on, but asphalt is actually one component of that surface.
ADOT has begun construction of a northbound climbing lane on SR 95 to improve traffic flow through the Mohave Mountains region, about 10 miles north of Lake Havasu City (mileposts 190-195).
Now that the updated Arizona Strategic Highway Safety Plan is in effect, it is being used by ADOT and other agencies to address several transportation safety issues.
State Route 89A in the Oak Creek Canyon switchbacks (mileposts 387-390) was fully reopened this afternoon after crews repaired a sinkhole that had been discovered in the northbound lane on Saturday.
After six months of extensive earthwork on the US 89 landslide repair project south of Page, ADOT is moving on to the final phase of the project to restore the highway.
We’re only a month in, but 2015 is already looking like it’ll be a big year for ADOT.
Do you remember what you were doing three years ago today?
Traffic breaks are typically conducted by highway patrol officers to create a gap in traffic.
The landslide-damaged stretch of US 89 has come a long way in the past two years...
Saying that engineers are an important part of ADOT is really kind of an understatement.