Do you know "Where in AZ??" this bell is ringing?
We searched through our archives to bring you the fun, weird, sobering and informative tidbits we shared during the chaotic ride that was 2020.
Visit this stop in northern Arizona that has been a center for transportation for hundreds of years.
We're taking a look back at how the art along the one-year-old South Mountain Freeway came together.
A new interchange is coming to the Loop 202 Santan Freeway and Gilbert just kicked off the construction in style while still being safe.
We know many of you drive past this sign each workday. Join our weekly challenge if this sign looks familiar!
ADOT's Facebook page is where we deliver up-to-date information on major highway closures; the latest agency news; and a smattering of the odd and funny things that happen along state highways. And, guess what? We've been doing it for a decade now.
Governor Doug Ducey recently signed an executive order about driver license renewal. Here's how that helps out 75,000 Arizona residents during the current public health situation.
The Salt River lends its name to some very important pieces of ADOT infrastructure. And, today, a delicious pretzel recipe, too!
This photo of a stunning view led us to a small footnote in the history of US 66 in northern Arizona.
A recent inquiry from a motorist prompted a blog explaining the artwork on the Loop 101 project.
Most don't associated tall evergreens with an Arizona landscape, but these trees can definitely be found within our state.
Winter and snowy weather is upon us, so it's time again to talk about how to be safe when visiting our state's winter wonderlands.
For the past five years Melissa Owen has brought together a horde of volunteers to realize her Adopt a Highway dream. And the current public health situation has not slowed her down!
Where is the real US 180, near Flagstaff or St. Johns or Alpine? The answer is actually all three.
If you are heading north to play in the snow, remember to take along warm clothes, emergency gear, a travel plan and some patience.
James Lemmon's job at ADOT rocks. Literally, it's all about rocks.
You've likely seen this sign before, but can you pinpoint where this one is located?
The Houghton Road interchange project at I-10 near Tucson has been in the works for awhile, but this photo will help you get a sense of the scope of the project.
What can a top single on the Billboard Hot 100 teach us about driving? Well, let us tell you!