Riggs Road Traffic Interchange at SR 347

Riggs Road Traffic Interchange at SR 347



The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), in partnership with the Gila River Indian Community, Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), and in coordination with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, has initiated a study for a proposed traffic interchange at Riggs Road and State Route (SR) 347 to address traffic congestion and safety. 

This study follows a study conducted by MAG on the SR 347 Corridor, which identified the need to separate SR 347 from Riggs Road traffic on a new bridge. The study will evaluate alternatives for the interchange design and identify the preferred alternatives in a Design Concept Report and environmental document.

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  • Provide free-flowing traffic movements along SR 347 as it passes Riggs Road.
  • Reconstruct the existing intersection to separate SR 347 from Riggs Road traffic on a new bridge.


  • Reduce traffic congestion and travel times.
  • Reduce crash rates at the intersection.
  • Enhance regional mobility.

Riggs Road Traffic Interchange at SR 347 map

Alternatives Being Considered

The study will evaluate a range of interchange alternatives to separate SR 347 from Riggs Road traffic on a new bridge.  Alternatives developed will consider the following types:

Interchange Types

The study will consider various factors in the selection of a preferred alternative including: 

  • Gila River Indian Community, agency and public input.
  • Minimizing right-of-way, allottee lands, environmental and utility impacts (including the GRICUA substation).
  • Minimizing impacts to traffic during construction.
  • Future Community plans for development.
  • Future 2050 traffic operations.
  • Engineering considerations.
  • Estimated construction cost.

The study will include a Design Concept Report with a conceptual design for the Recommended Build Alternative for evaluation and decision making. The study team will identify and evaluate environmental impacts of a Recommended Build Alternative for the interchange and any mitigation, and compare those to a No Build Alternative, which represents the existing transportation system with ongoing maintenance.


The study is expected to continue through summer of 2025. If a new build alternative is selected, the project is anticipated to advertise for construction in late 2027.

Pictured below: A bird's-eye view of the existing Riggs Rd. and SR 347 intersection.

Riggs Road Traffic Interchange at SR 347 Aerial Photo

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