Adopt a Highway

Worker picking up trash on the edge of the roadway
A public/private partnership between ADOT Adopt a Highway, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, and Keep Arizona Beautiful connects citizens to resources to improve their community.
Always follow the safety guidelines - image from the infographic
Adopt a Highway volunteers make quite the impact. Last year alone, they picked up 12,240 bags of trash along 1,800 miles of Arizona highways!
Large blue plastic bag of trash picked up during an Adopt a Highway event awaits by the side of the road for pickup.
The Adopt a Highway program is an opportunity for community members to help keep our highways litter free.
Adopt a Highway Sign: In Memory of Benjamin Curtis
Still going strong after two decades of volunteer service, one Arizona family is working to keep SR 264 clean and beautiful through ADOT’s Adopt a Highway program…
Adopt a Highway volunteers pick up litter along highway
We’re thankful for the approximately 1,570 volunteer groups who currently adopt an Arizona highway. It’s hard to believe, but roughly 335 of the groups have been volunteering for more than 10 years and of those, 50 have been with Adopt a Highway for more than 20 years!
Trash on the side of the freeway
Last month we told you about the thousands who take on the immense task of cleaning up Arizona’s roads through ADOT’s Adopt a Highway program – more than 800 tons of trash is picked up off the state highways each year because of these volunteers!


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