Adopt a Highway

Adopt a Highway sign along side road
Hundreds of volunteers help keep Arizona's highways clean every year, saving the taxpayers money and keeping Arizona beautiful.
Certificates of Appreciation
We applaud the hard work of our Adopt a Highway volunteers who cleaned up 1,500 miles of state highway last year.
Littering Highways Unlawful $500 fine sign
Adopt a Highway volunteers made big splash in 2017, but we could use even more help.
Altar Valley Volunteers
Sixty volunteers come together to remove litter along State Route 286.
Adopt a Highway volunteers show off the bags of litter they collected.
Three-dozen volunteers came together to pick up litter along State Route 286.
Litter LiftersItems the Litter Lifters collected.
Meet some dedicated volunteers doing a dirty job to help keep Prescott beautiful.
Drawing from the 2016 ADOT Safety Calendar
Arizona Pollution Prevention (P2) Week is underway, and ADOT offers ways to keep our state litter-free.
Adopt a Highway Sign: In loving Memory of Courtney Skaggs
This is a story about one volunteer recognizing a loved one, and an ADOT employee whose love of serving the public is making the world a more beautiful place in Sonoita.


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