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Future I-11 Corridor sign
For example, we're investing another $155 million for improvements to US 93 over the next five years.
Cars passing construction vehicles working on the shoulder of the road.
These men and women are highly trained individuals, especially in traffic incident management procedures and techniques.
US 89 roadwork
The recent emergency repairs to US 89 in northern Arizona illustrate the importance of partnerships.
Sample Arizona Driver License
With almost two years to go before travel requirements change on Oct. 1, 2020, we're urging Arizonans to consider getting the Travel ID now if they plan to fly commercially or visit federal buildings.
ECD Truck Inspection
Our International Border Inspection Qualification program has made a dramatic difference for truck drivers and trucking firms in Mexico, and for international commerce.
Black band across an Enforcement Officer badge.
Last night’s events on Interstate 10 in the West Valley are so absolutely unacceptable, so outrageous, that words can’t do justice to emotions.
ADOT joins other DOTs in seeking a federal grant to develop a program alerting commercial truck drivers to available public parking at I-10 rest areas.
This time of year, crashes involving wildlife are more likely due to monsoon and heavy holiday-related travel. Follow these tips to avoid having a “deer in the headlights” moment.
Dust storm moved down the freeway
In the midst of monsoon season, ADOT Director John Halikowski shares some important reminders for drivers.
Family Circus cartoon
Jeffy said it best (or was it Billy, Dolly or PJ?): "Don't get dead." National Transportation Week draws focus to safe driving.


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