Bridges Engineering and Construction

When ADOT builds a new bridge, our top priority is to make sure the gigantic mass of steel and concrete stays right where we build it. But that won’t be the case with a new bridge we’re constructing on State Route 79 in Florence, because...
A former university professor is ADOT's newest bridge designer!
Our project on US 60 at Pinto Creek is more than just a new bridge going up. It's a new part of the road's history.
On Fort Apache Reservation in eastern Arizona, ADOT is working to replace a 50-year old bridge deck.
New engineers extoll the virtues of ADOT's Engineer-in-Training program, including the pleasant atmosphere, hands-on training, mentorship and the ability to be a part of major projects from start to finish.
For this 11-year-old interested in engineering and architecture, there was nothing better than going to the office with Dad.
Ever wonder how a bridge, whether it be a stately metal connector over a canyon or a concrete slab over a wash, comes into being? And why they take the form they do? Well, let us tell you!
Have you thought about being an engineer when you grow up? At ADOT, we have many different types, all doing important work!
It's Engineers Week and ADOT Director John Halikowski is saying a big thank you for all that engineers do for the agency.
This bridge in Cochise County may not look like it has a lot to do with ADOT, but it's an example of a changing time in the world of infrastructure.